9. March 2020

CURODONT REPAIR and CURODONT PROTECT – a superior combination

CURODONT REPAIR in combination with fluoride varnish or CURODONT PROTECT is superior to the gold-standard fluoride varnish for treatment of initial caries as shown in yet another long-term, randomized, controlled clinical study. The new study conducted by Dr. Doberdoli and coworkers has now been published in the prestigious journal Scientific Reports.

The clinical trial builds and extends on the previously published study from the University of Greifswald pediatric clinic by investigating the combination of CURODONT REPAIR and CURODONT PROTECT  and compare it to fluoride varnish. A treatment group with CURODONT REPAIR and fluoride varnish, which was test group in the previous trial, was included as positive control in the new one. Both CURODONT REPAIR groups demonstrated superior and 100% inactivation of the occlusal carious lesions and superior clinical results in all raised parameters, including the decrease in the Laser Fluorescence caries signal and various clinically relevant assessments. Strikingly, in the fluoride varnish control group 20% of teeth were in need of restorative treatment during the trial, whereas in the test groups only a single teeth was filled – and that on request of the guardian not by recommendation of the dentist.

The Knowledge Transfer Statement by Dr Doberdoli and co-workers highlights the potential and philosophy of the Guided Enamel Regeneration with CURODONT REPAIR: “This can lead to a more prevention-orientated treatment decision and thus less invasive dentistry, enabling the patient to keep their natural teeth longer.“