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Credentis offers professional and consumer oral care products. These products contain the unique CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY to either prevent or treat a variety of oral diseases.

Non Invasive Caries Treatment

The ability of the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY to support the de novo formation of hydroxyapatite crystals within the depth of the carious lesion is the key to Guided Enamel Regeneration. Together with calcium and phosphate ions from saliva, the first non-invasive, regenerative caries therapy has been developed.

The product is sold in Switzerland and Europe as CURODONT ™ REPAIR or REGENAMEL® and is being used successfully by a growing number of dentists.

Desensitization, erosion protection and tooth brightening

Using the affinity of the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY matrix to tooth mineral, and its compatibility with other technologies enabled credentis to develop a number other products:

The possibilities for application forms range from classical tooth gels over tooth pastes and mouth rinses to novel oral-care concepts such as chewing gum, toffees and on-the go products for immediate treatments.


The application forms of our CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY vary. They range from classical tooth gel, toothpaste and mouthwash to novel oral care concepts such as intensive treatment gels, chewing gum and toffees for on-the-go, to specifically designed applicator systems.

Licensing of the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY, enables your company to develop its own products with truly unique sales propositions.

Regeneration, protection & desensitization
Desensitization on-the-go
Whitening - helping to protect the teeth


credentis develops, manufactures and markets for the global oral care market. Products with the patented CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY are marketed in the EU under our own CURODONT™ brand as well as globally in various OEM products.

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