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Dr. Dominik A. Lysek

Dr. Dominik A. Lysek

MChem - CEO
Founder, CEO and executive board member of credentis

Dominik Lysek founded credentis in January 2010, dedicating a substantial share of his personal wealth to the venture. Before that, he worked as Clinical Trial Manager for Geistlich Pharma (bone regeneration) and Auris Medical (pharmaceutical therapy of inner ear disorders and tinnitus).

Dominik Lysek combines extensive knowledge in chemistry, dental/oral biology and the development of medical devices with an excellent network of key opinion leaders in the dental field.
Dominik Lysek studied chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and earned his doctorate in the group of Prof. Dr. Kurt Wüthrich at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich.

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Michael Hug

Michael Hug

Chemiker FH, MAS B&E - COO

Michael Hug joined credentis in January 2011. He studied biochemistry at the University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur, and earned his MAS in Business & Engineering at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Michael Hug worked several years in the R&D of medical devices (bone an tissue regeneration) and in contract manufacturing (aseptic processing) in operational and quality related positions. He combines the profound knowledge of the development of medical devices with production and quality/regulatory aspects.
As COO of credentis ag, Michael Hug is responsible for production, supply chain management and regulatory within credentis.

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Claudine Bommer

Claudine Bommer

M.Sc. Humanbiology - Clinical Trial Manager

Claudine Bommer studied a medical orientated field of biology at University of Zurich.

She has an extensive knowledge of analytics as well as quality and safety management for the reason of working several years in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, early in her carrier she could take responsibility as a Project Manager of a biological medicine to be under development within a world-wide leading pharmaceutical company.
In March 2012 she joined the credentis team. As Clinical Trial Manager she is responsible for the coordination and realisation of clinical trials.

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Dr. Stefan Buchloh

Dr. Stefan Buchloh

Dipl. Min. - Product Manager

Stefan Buchloh finished his diploma in mineralogy - crystallography with a work about dental materials. He continued his specialization and earned his doctorate researching biocompatible materials at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich.

With over 12 years of experience as product manager in international medical device companies and profound knowledge of biomaterials, he has an in-depth cognizance of the medical device market and its marketing needs. Since May 2014 he has been part of the credentis team and is responsible for product management.

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From innovation to market success

Dr. Dominik A. Lysek founded credentis in January 2010. Three years earlier he had become aware of the scientists from the University of Leeds and their peptide technology. Back then Dr. Lysek was working in the clinical research department of one of the worldwide leaders in natural regeneration of bone and soft tissue in dentistry.

Dominik Lysek was intrigued by the idea to use intelligent peptides to regenerate mineralised tissue within the body. However, he saw the potential more in the treatment of caries. He decided to develop a product out of the idea, because researchers are very good in inventing, but they often have little experience and interest in development and marketing.

Turning an idea into a product

Three years later he founded the company credentis. The investors were not secured yet, but the exclusive licensing of the patents for the worldwide application for teeth was discussed. Dominik Lysek immediately started to set up the first clinical study in order to investigate the efficacy of the technology in patients with early caries.

Launching the product 

After only two years, CURODONT™ REPAIR the first product for guided enamel regeneration (GER) was launched in the EU and Switzerland. The following year credentis received the SWISS TECHNOLOGY AWARD 2013 for this pioneering development.

It was followed by CURODONT ™ PROTECT and CURODONT ™ D’SENZ, cosmetic tooth gels for protection against erosion and desensitization of sensitive teeth. Since 2015, OEM products followed with the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY.

Continuing scientific investigations are ongoing, to further advance the application of CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY and to develop new indications.

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