Development & Production



Due to our longstanding expertise and experience in the field of medical devices and cosmetic oral care products, credentis can develop new products in short time. If required, with the full regulatory dossier present.

We use our extensive scientific and development network to ensure incorporation of the latest developments in this field.

The modularity in our development approach allows us to offer our customers a variety of services, ranging from formulation development only to full product development, where we will take care of all that is required.


Swiss Made. Major developments need strong partners. For production, credentis relies on competent, international and above all Swiss partners. Short ways enable flexibility and ensure speed.


Quality is crucial for us. Therefore, credentis is EN ISO 13485:2012 certified and develops according to this world wide recognized medical device standard. We’re proud of our effective and efficient quality management system ensuring a well-documented development process at every stage – put to a test by our own and many customer development projects.

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