19. November 2019

CUROLOX WHITENING Patent Granted In Key Regions

CUROLOX WHITENING has been invented by a collaborative project of the LMU Munich and credentis ag. Prof. Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann (LMU Munich), one of the leading experts in non-oxidizing tooth whitening collaborated with credentis to combine their know-how in tooth whitening with Hydroxyapatite and the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY to generate CUROLOX WHITENING.

CUROLOX WHITENING combines the high affinity of the CUROLOX-Biomatrix to tooth mineral with the light dispersion effect of sub-micro hydroxyapatite particles. The particles on the tooth surface cause teeth to appear whiter and brighter. The CUROLOX-Biomatrix ensures that the effect is imminent and visible for up to 4 weeks, as has been shown in a clinical trial published in the Clinical Journal of Dentistry (Bommer et al. 2018).

The CUROLOX WHITENING patent application has first been submitted in 2015 and has now been granted in all major regions – Europe, USA, China, Russia, Australia, South Africa and Singapore (additional regions are pending).

“In our research, we first investigated the whitening effect of hydroxyapatite alone. Through the additional combination with the CUROLOX TECHNOLOGY, we were able to bring the whitening effect into an optically appealing and more permanent form.” says Prof. Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann from the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology, University Hospital, LMU Munich.