4. June 2020

CURODONT REPAIR – a superior aerosol-free caries treatment for orthodontic white spot lesions

CURODONT REPAIR is the superior treatment for orthodontic white spot lesions – demonstrated in a randomized, controlled split-mouth trial. The new study conducted by Dr. Welk and co-workers has now been published in the prestigious journal Scientific Reports.

The clinical trial investigates the treatment of white spot lesions after orthodontic treatments, a well-known phenomenon in dentistry. The treatment group with CURODONT REPAIR has shown superior remineralisation of the carious decay, as measured by impedance and morphometric assessment of the white spot size compared to standard treatment. The test group exhibited a regression of 57.8% as indicated by the impedance measurements, while the control group only 19.8%.

Dr. Welk and co-workers highlights the consistency of recently published data on the Guided Enamel Regeneration with CURODONT REPAIR: “Overall, our results not only agree with other clinical trials on the effectiveness of SAP P11-4 [CURODONT REPAIR] but also show that SAP P11-4 is effective in the treatment of active WSL [White Spot Lesions] supporting […] the proposed mechanism of action within the subsurface lesion body.”