20. February 2019

CURODONT PROTECT – Best Prophylaxis during Orthodontic Treatment

CURODONT™ PROTECT shows superiority over fluoride varnish in caries prevention and remineralization of white spots around brackets.

Orthodontic treatment with brackets brings a higher risk of caries, as compliance with oral care is more challenging for patients. A clinical in-situ trial published in Nature – Scientific Reports now shows, that the application of CURODONT PROTECT twice a week, remineralizes enamel around brackets and prevents caries formation better than today’s gold standard, a 22’600 ppm F fluoride varnish. This randomized controlled clinical trial proves again the superiority of products with the CUROLOX® Technology.

“Based on our study we recommend the additional use of CURODONT PROTECT twice a week to our patients with brackets, to prevent caries and remineralize enamel around the brackets.” says Prof. Dr. A. Jablonski Momeni (Philipps University of Marburg, Dental School, Department of Orthodontics, Marburg, Germany).


CURODONT™ PROTECT and the complete product portfolio are available in Europe directly through our webshop (other regions please inquire). Consumer products can additionally be purchased at amazon.de.

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