25. May 2016

credentis ag and Dr. Wild & Co. AG strengthen their successful partnership

Dr. WILD & Co. AG extends their successful oral hygiene portfolio with the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY products developed by credentis ag.

In Switzerland, the products CURODONTTM D’SENZ, CURODONTTM PROTECT, and CURODONTTM REPAIR will be sold exclusively under the brand names EMOFLUOR® DESENS GEL, EMOFLUOR® PROTECT GEL and REGENAMEL®.
The partnership combines the innovation of credentis ag with the strong market standing of Dr. WILD & Co AG on the Swiss dental and drug-store channel. The partnership ensures that the innovative products are available for a broader audience. With their professional sales operations, Dr. Wild & Co offers competent consulting and service for the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY products in all Swiss regions.
“Similar to the introduction of stabilized stannous fluoride, the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY offers a tangible improvement in oral hygiene and a break-through for caries therapy,“ says Marcel Wild, Ass. CEO of Dr. Wild & Co AG.


The patented CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY is based on peptides self-assembling into a 3-dimensional matrix, triggering biomimetic mineralisation and repair.
REGENAMEL® / CURODONTTM REPAIR provides dentists with a non-invasive option for natural in-depth mineralisation or Guided Enamel Regeneration (GER) which enables the regeneration of caries lesions and similar defects. Applied to an early lesion, REGENAMEL® / CURODONTTM REPAIR forms a scaffold within the lesion to guide new hydroxyapatite (tooth mineral) crystals to form and grow. Ideally, the caries is stopped and the lesion will mineralise within several weeks.
EMOFLUOR® PROTECT GEL / CURODONTTM PROTECT uses the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY to protect the tooth surface from acid attack.
EMOFLUOR® DESENS GEL / CURODONTTM D‘SENZ is optimised for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity.
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About Dr. Wild & Co. AG

Since 1932 Dr. Wild & Co. AG develops, produces and markets high quality pharmaceutical and dental products in Switzerland.
With a focus on quality und sustainability the company created known brands such as CONTRA-SCHMERZ®, OXYPLASTIN®, EMORFORM®, EMOFLUOR® und TEBODONT® and continuously enhances its products.

About credentis

credentis ag is headquartered in Windisch, Switzerland; credentis has won multiple awards as well as public grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), Aargauer Forschungsfonds in collaboration with the FHNW School of Life Sciences in Muttenz and the Medical Technologies IKC (in co-operation with the University of Leeds).