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14. March 2018

Erosion: CURODONT™ REPAIR protects and remineralizes erosive lesions

Independent Japanese researcher tested in vitro the ability of CURODONT™ REPAIR not only to protect but also to remineralize artificial eroded enamel.

29. January 2018

Science Compact: Review summarizes scientific evidence and clinical results on CURODONT™ REPAIR

Over 40 scientific publications related to CURODONT™ REPAIR and the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY describe the development, function, safety and clinical efficacy of Guided Enamel Regeneration with the self-assembling peptide P11-4. In their review article Alkilzy et al. summarize the knowledge and thorough development of this biomimetic technique.

19. September 2017

Clinical trial proves superiority of Guided Enamel Regeneration with CURODONT™ REPAIR

In their newly published manuscript titled “Self-assembling Peptide P11-4 and Fluoride for Regenerating Enamel” the paediatric dentistry group of Prof. Splieth from the University of Greifswald presented results