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19. November 2019

CUROLOX WHITENING Patent Granted In Key Regions

CUROLOX WHITENING has been invented by a collaborative project of the LMU Munich and credentis ag. Prof. Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann (LMU Munich), one of the leading experts in non-oxidizing tooth whitening collaborated with credentis to combine their know-how in tooth whitening with Hydroxyapatite and the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY to generate CUROLOX WHITENING. CUROLOX WHITENING combines the high … read more

23. May 2019

Credentis and DentaQuest Partner to Bring Innovative Cavity Prevention Products to US Markets

Direct Media Inquiries to: Tom O’Rourke, Head of Corporate Communications (617) 886-1411 Boston, MA, May 23, 2019 – credentis, a leader in state-of the art oral biology research and development, and DentaQuest, the nation’s leading purpose-driven oral health care organization, have entered into a strategic partnership to test and promote Curodont™ Repair Fluoride Plus … read more

16. May 2019

CURODONT REPAIR is the superior treatment for white spots

CURODONT REPAIR has shown to be superior to the gold-standard fluoride varnish in the treatment of initial caries as shown in a long-term, randomized, controlled clinical study. The new study conducted by Dr. Bröseler & Dr. Tietmann et. al. within their private practice, has recently been published in the prestigious journal Clinical Oral Investigations. The … read more