credentis – Persistence of Product Innovation


16. December 2020

Geneva University clinical trial proves again: CURODONT™ REPAIR treatment results in superior caries regression compared to either placebo or fluoride varnish

This randomized, placebo and gold-standard controlled clinical trial, investigating the treatment of incipient buccal caries lesions with CURODONT™ REPAIR was recently published in Nature’s Scientific Reports. Prof. Krejci and his team used a sophisticated study design to supply additional information relating to the performance of CURODONT™ REPAIR to standard clinical care, such as fluoride varnish … read more

9. December 2020

credentis has been acquired by vVardis and becomes R&D powerhouse within newly formed oral care and dental group

vVardis – the recently launched personal oral care brand by Dres Abivardi – has acquired credentis. credentis and vVardis previous partnership has already yielded the unique vVardis oral care product line, and now credentis will become the research and development department within vVardis.

4. June 2020

CURODONT REPAIR – a superior aerosol-free caries treatment for orthodontic white spot lesions

CURODONT REPAIR is the superior treatment for orthodontic white spot lesions – demonstrated in a randomized, controlled split-mouth trial. The new study conducted by Dr. Welk and co-workers has now been published in the prestigious journal Scientific Reports.