credentis – Persistence of Product Innovation


9. March 2020

CURODONT REPAIR and CURODONT PROTECT – a superior combination

CURODONT REPAIR in combination with fluoride varnish or CURODONT PROTECT is superior to the gold-standard fluoride varnish for treatment of initial caries as shown in yet another long-term, randomized, controlled clinical study. The new study conducted by Dr. Doberdoli and coworkers has now been published in the prestigious journal Scientific Reports.

19. November 2019

CUROLOX WHITENING Patent Granted In Key Regions

CUROLOX WHITENING has been invented by a collaborative project of the LMU Munich and credentis ag. Prof. Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann (LMU Munich), one of the leading experts in non-oxidizing tooth whitening collaborated with credentis to combine their know-how in tooth whitening with Hydroxyapatite and the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY to generate CUROLOX WHITENING. CUROLOX WHITENING combines the high … read more

23. May 2019

Credentis and DentaQuest Partner to Bring Innovative Cavity Prevention Products to US Markets

Direct Media Inquiries to: Tom O’Rourke, Head of Corporate Communications (617) 886-1411 Boston, MA, May 23, 2019 – credentis, a leader in state-of the art oral biology research and development, and DentaQuest, the nation’s leading purpose-driven oral health care organization, have entered into a strategic partnership to test and promote Curodont™ Repair Fluoride Plus … read more